The End of Summer

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Labor Day marked the end of summer.  We have a poem for that.

The end of the summer is here again.
I feel the same melancholy I have felt
since I first knew summers ended –
the melancholy of the crickets’ valiant singing
in the early coming dusk,
the melancholy of the boy who soon must return to school –
the melancholy of the summer’s end.
I wish that I could be again
eleven years old in the backyard
watching the night come early
and feeling the change in the leaves
the crickets can’t sing away.
I wish I had to go back to school –
so I could be eleven years old again and dread it.

Why must I like the crickets grow old?
Why must I like the summer end?

The Poet of Brooklyn

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“You see, there is no destination to my journeys except deeper
in — and what I find, I find by chance.” –

The Man Who Loved Plants

Here is the poet of Brooklyn in a contemplative moment on the F train. You have your own signed copy of The Man Who Loved Plants, Edgar Oliver’s novella of solitude, love, and longing, by sending a message to his official Facebook page,, page with your email address. The price is $16.00 including posting. The value is … inestimable.

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“The Man Who Loved Plants”

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Fans of Edgar’s work will be interested to know that Edgar is the author of a novel titled The Man Who Loved Plants.

“This is not the city as it was but the city as it was seen by him, a wanderer who did not wander there but rather through a landscape sprung from his own desire. He was held in the contemplation of lowly things — discarded, disused objects — that rust running along the fence, running, forever running to the strength of its own current — the settling foundations of houses tortured away by time from their true shapes — the cool dirt creeping from under the sidewalk, weeds undermining with their roots, cracking the stone skein of the city. He loved such things.”

You can have your own signed copy for $16.00. Send a message to Edgar’s Facebook page indicating that you’d like to purchase one, and please include your mailing address. We’ll send you payment instructions and get your copy mailed out promptly.  The URL for Edgar’s official Facebook page is


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This is where it all began.

“All throughout my childhood, it was just the three of us: Mother, Helen and me. And then there was the world, as though we were lost in it.”

“The Poetry Killer” at Participant, Inc.

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In June of 2013, Edgar performed “The Poetry Killer” at the Participant Inc. Space on East Houston Street.  This video of that performance was taken by Robert O’Haire of Straw2Gold Pictures, and we are so glad to have it:

“Savannah Revisited”

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Many years ago, in 1983 to be exact, Edgar and Helen returned to Savannah. Their mother, Louise, had died, and they were returning to bury her. Here is an account of that journey:

Three Poems

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Here are three poems read by Edgar and filmed by Robert O’Haire of Straw2gold Pictures.  This collection includes Edgar’s “Spring Poem,” which is something we can all especially enjoy right about now.


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