desire & the sea – edgar oliver & the octave doktors

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desire & the sea

desire & the sea – edgar oliver & the octave doktors

edgar oliver & the octave doktors have made an album together. to celebrate the creation of this album we are performing material from the album at axis theatre.

a newly revealed track is here:

the performance is five suggested dollars & copies of the album will be available.

the fundraiser for the album is here: [the video is supremely strange.]

we will play at 8pm sharp.

refreshments will come from your own pocket.

the facebook invite to the november 7 performance:

more demo tracks can be heard here:

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This is where it all began.

“All throughout my childhood, it was just the three of us: Mother, Helen and me. And then there was the world, as though we were lost in it.”

“The Poetry Killer” at Participant, Inc.

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In June of 2013, Edgar performed “The Poetry Killer” at the Participant Inc. Space on East Houston Street.  This video of that performance was taken by Robert O’Haire of Straw2Gold Pictures, and we are so glad to have it:

“Savannah Revisited”

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Many years ago, in 1983 to be exact, Edgar and Helen returned to Savannah. Their mother, Louise, had died, and they were returning to bury her. Here is an account of that journey:

Three Poems

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Here are three poems read by Edgar and filmed by Robert O’Haire of Straw2gold Pictures.  This collection includes Edgar’s “Spring Poem,” which is something we can all especially enjoy right about now.

1994 Easter Extravaganza

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Edgar’s 1994 “Easter Extravaganza” had almost nothing to do with Easter. The show opened with Edgar’s own monologue titled “Mother Was a Hit-Run Driver,” from his play Motel Blue 19.   Watch – listen – enjoy.  

“The Puddle Boy”

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Edgar Oliver is The Puddle Boy, in this, one of his most iconic poems.  This performance took place on march 25, 2015 at 292 East 3rd Street:

Prophetic Desire @ Inner Cities Art Exhibition

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Wednesday March 25, the inner cities art exhibition @ 292 Gallery presents:

prophetic desire: words, music, oneirocriticism & longing

7pm – the prophet tom charles bair III & eli mattern
7:30pm – edgar oliver & the octave doktors – desire & the sea

the Inner Cities Art Exhibition is photography by Romy Ashby, drawings by Regina Bartkoff & paintings by Charles Schick at 292 gallery through march 28.

romy’s photoblog:


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