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left to his own devices

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left to his own devices


edgar reads at COP PIECE may 27. COP PIECE is extended MAY 26, 27, 28

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COP PIECE is extended
MAY 26, 27, 28
at 94 Norman Storefront Space, Greenpoint 11222

Edgar joining with new poetry Thurs May 27!
and fine artist Chris Domenick with lecture / slides about bumble bees
thurs / fri may 27,28


Come see new theatre in a Greenpoint Brooklyn Storefront this Fri and Sat nights …

“COP PIECE” episode one. a series about cops and and coping
by Lilac Co and St John’s Theatre.


Edgar Oliver performing new poetry

in Greenpoint, April 16, 17 and continuing Fri & Sat nights in April to May 1st. Doors 8. Show 830. $10 donation. Beer and Wine. please rsvp I 94 Norman Ave. Greenpoint 11222 I Nassau stop G train, 10 min to Bedford L, B62 to Norman Ave.

Boy in the Rain

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There is a boy out there in the rain.
I see him sometimes out there behind the trees.
I look and there he is.
It seems he has been standing there for some time.
He looks up into the rain
and I see dark birds wheeling up there.
Their cry comes to me
and I look back and he is gone.
I feel the rain on the nape of my neck
and I realize that I am crouching there among the roots
staring at the sky in a puddle –
the sky deep in the splashing rain.

The Brooklyn Public Library

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I have been going to the Brooklyn Public Library
     for some time now.
I always enter by the children's section in summer.
I have no child but myself.
I grow bemused and want to stand still.
I think if I grew still enough I could be
     a child again.
There is a stillness in the library that
     dreams of the trees outside the window
     blowing silent in the wind -
that dreams of the light.
Stillness dreams.
I would be as still as dreaming light.
I would be a child again.

edgar reading & screening– april 27, 2010

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a reading by edgar oliver

a reading by edgar oliver

& a screening to celebrate the release of a new DVD.

the hermit & other poems

tuesday   april 27, 2010

8 pm


the Gershwin Hotel
7 East 27th St.
btw. 5th & Madison Ave.