new book: ‘the brooklyn public library’ from oilcan press

'the brooklyn public library' by edgar oliver


2 Responses to “new book: ‘the brooklyn public library’ from oilcan press”

  1. De-Leon W. Peacock Says:

    What a wonderful book. I saw you perform both on Saint Simons Island and Woodbine this past week-end. Your humility and shyness are both very attractive and alluring. You are a treasure to this world and I hope you will be recognized as such. Please continue to bless humanity with both your grace and your words. I was mezmorized by you. Hope to be of service to you in some way in the not to distant future. Be Well and keep smiling. DeLeon

  2. I love it, true, magical and haunting. I bought 4 copies, the friend who introduced me to Edgars work SQUEELED when I gave her her copy, she was and was so happy! 🙂 The other two have gone to as yet unenlightened friends.

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