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The Poet of Brooklyn

Posted in Uncategorized on August 25, 2015 by Naomi Gold

“You see, there is no destination to my journeys except deeper
in — and what I find, I find by chance.” –

The Man Who Loved Plants

Here is the poet of Brooklyn in a contemplative moment on the F train. You have your own signed copy of The Man Who Loved Plants, Edgar Oliver’s novella of solitude, love, and longing, by sending a message to his official Facebook page,, page with your email address. The price is $16.00 including posting. The value is … inestimable.

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“The Man Who Loved Plants”

Posted in Uncategorized on August 11, 2015 by Naomi Gold

Fans of Edgar’s work will be interested to know that Edgar is the author of a novel titled The Man Who Loved Plants.

“This is not the city as it was but the city as it was seen by him, a wanderer who did not wander there but rather through a landscape sprung from his own desire. He was held in the contemplation of lowly things — discarded, disused objects — that rust running along the fence, running, forever running to the strength of its own current — the settling foundations of houses tortured away by time from their true shapes — the cool dirt creeping from under the sidewalk, weeds undermining with their roots, cracking the stone skein of the city. He loved such things.”

You can have your own signed copy for $16.00. Send a message to Edgar’s Facebook page indicating that you’d like to purchase one, and please include your mailing address. We’ll send you payment instructions and get your copy mailed out promptly.  The URL for Edgar’s official Facebook page is