“Elijah Green”at The Kitchen

Edgar is a member of the magnificent cast of “Elijah Green,” written and directed by Andrew Ondrejcak, and opening on March 10 at The Kitchen in New York.  The choreography and costumes alone will delight you.  And yes – Edgar has a dancing role!

Click here to learn details and purchase tickets.


“Inspired by August Strindberg’s A DREAM PLAY and the work of 16th century Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel, ELIJAH GREEN follows a divine spirit as it wanders through contemporary life…the stories of the characters layer into a portrait of the interconnectivity of all humans, with each individual both the center of the world and part of something they cannot comprehend.”

“The play features a multi-generational international cast of 12, ranging in age from 11 to 72 … [representing] a vast array of experience, including established artists who worked for many years with companies such as Merce Cunningham Dance Company and The Wooster Group and new ones making their professional debut.”


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