1733313160_ae55f10873_bEdgar Oliver started performing in New York at the Pyramid in the mid-1980’s alongside artists including Hapi Phace, Kembra Pfahler, Samoa and playwright Kestutis Nakas. As a playwright, many of Oliver’s plays have been staged at La MaMa and other downtown NYC theatres, including The Seven Year Vacation, The Poetry Killer, Hands in Wartime, Motel Blue 19 and Mosquito Succulence. As a stage actor, he has performed in countless plays including Edward II with Cliplight Theater, Marc Palmieri’s Carl the Second, Lipsynka’s Dial M for Model and numerous productions at Axis including Trinity 5:29, A Glance at New York (Edinburgh Festival Fringe & NYC), Julius Caesar, USS Frankenstein, the Hospital series, Seven in One Blow, or the Brave Little Kid and the one-man show East 10th Street: Self Portrait with Empty House (written by Edgar & directed by Randy Sharp — Edinburgh Festival Fringe & NYC). Edgar is also one of the most beloved storytellers at The Moth. His film roles include That’s Beautiful Frank, Henry May Long (directed by Axis’ Randy Sharp) and Gentlemen Broncos (directed by Jared Hess). His published works include A Portrait of New York by a Wanderer There and Summer (published by oilcan press).

7 Responses to “About”

  1. […] Until then I will leave you to discover the fascinating Edgar Oliver. […]

  2. edgar, i truly love you. you are welcome into my odd world anytime. hope to meet you someday..
    deb jacobs

  3. Hello Edgar, my husband and I enjoy seeing you on the show “Oddities.” I too am a writer but too shy to perform like you do. Keep up the good work. The “crumbling” building you live in sounds fascinating. — Sara

  4. Hello Edgar, my introduction to you was via The Moth. Your Paul Bowles Tangiers story made me pull my car over so I could listen with the attention it deserved. There is a movie in that quirky, interesting, romantic, unique tale. Thank you for sharing it with style and fondness

  5. I enjoy seeing you on Oddities !! I love your little “labratory” with the frog !!!! I love your voice !!!! Look forward to seeing you on Oddities !!! Take care Edgar !!!!!!

  6. Ben Jarvis Says:

    Mr. Oliver,

    I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that what I’ve seen of you on “Oddities” and what I’ve read here (and elsewhere) has inspired me. I hope to give myself over to life and my art the way you do. Life is short and rare (in the geological sense), I want to spend it doing what I love and leave something of value. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Ben Jarvis

  7. Edgar, I love your story telling. You are a delight! I love Savannah too!

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